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  • beach12<br /><p>This Beach Home was a complete Renovation. It was vital to get the flow and feel of the entire property to act as one, in order to create a harmonious marriage between the indoor and outdoor spaces.</p><p>Equally important to this was to understand not just the fabric of the building, but to get to know the desires of the family, the individual characters within the family and the type of living they wanted to achieve for their Beach Home.</p>
  • beach2<br /><p>As a holiday home, part of the brief was to create an airy, openness requiring very little set-up, as well as being a low maintenance, safe and secure lock-up and go.</p>
  • beach3<br /><p>Bespoke, hand made pieces of furniture were designed to enhance the overall tranquillity created by the choices in decor.<br />Recessed curtains, soft tones and mixes in textures and materials all aligned to provide a holiday-home that the family long to return to, time and again.</p>
  • TV-Cabinet<br /><p>Key points are the attention to detail, right down to the smallest of finishes.<br />This level of detail is only provided by the finest of craftsmen.</p>
  • beach4<br /><p>By designing wrap-around headboards, the single beds can easily be used as sofas during the day, when friends are staying over.</p>
  • beach5<br /><p>The lights are not only functional, they also create an element of fun.</p>
  • beach6<br /><p>The Guest Bedroom reflects a cool, fresh colour palette and bespoke furniture that is functional as well as adding to the beach-vibe.</p>